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The why and how of the BulletproofMethodology courses


The why and how of the 3 minute courses. This is the beginning and the first of all courses and therefore everyone can and yes, must enroll in this course. Without this course, you don’t know why you should change your life at all. Know how to pursue health, wealth and relationships. You do not know how to deal with the setbacks and ugly behavior of others, how to understand yourself better? You do not know why the 3 minute courses are designed in such a way that they are only 3 minutes and easy for you to understand, remember and digest. And without this course you have no idea what is possible for you and why we do not have hour-long courses, but lessons of 3 minutes per day.

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1-The pursuit of health, wealth and relations Preview 2-Deal with setbacks and people’s ugly behavior Preview 3-Deal with your own behavior Preview 4-What if we could prevent setbacks and peoples ugly behavior Preview 5-What if we could understand ourselves better Preview 6-What if we could change the course of our life Preview 7-The importance of understanding people Preview 8-The importance of understanding the darkside or shadow Preview 9-The importance of the 3 minute course outline Preview 10-The importance of the 3 minute courses Preview